Sunday, June 19, 2011

Instinct Lessons

I was at a doubt posting this but the thought is just like an itch that cannot be scratched and after two instances that sparked a very, very vital lesson, I am now writing them down here.

I have always been such a Doubting Thomas. Yes, if there could be a female version of that once doubting apostle, I guess I could be that one. I'd let either opportunities when I could have done something right pass.

I knew I could have succeeded in troubleshooting a technical glitch at work; a little voice has been humming at the back of my head to just tick that option but silly me, I was both doubting and afraid that I could screw the whole project if I did.

This was not the first time this has happened. When my office mate Neil, challenged me to follow my guts and give it a try, the advice of the voice worked.

Since that incident, I kept thinking. This is not the first time I missed something supposedly great. I had to think back again of that night in January when I was walking and talking with someone between Escriva and Guadix Drive in Ortigas. I knew that within that conversation, I could have just said what I felt because the time was right. But then I restrained myself from doing so, again because of these what ifs.

And I'm mindfully regretting of it until now. That I let that precious moment pass when I knew it's already there.

It all boiled down to this very important advice that I know I'll heed in the long run:

"Remember, that the voice that tells you you can't do anything is always lying."

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