Sunday, June 26, 2011

Letting Go Lessons

Today, I decided to go and watch the movie Forever and A Day. I have heard from other people that the movie’s theme was somewhat similar to another Hollywood flick. Well, it actually was. But then I still went on watching it.

The amount of tears are still same too. I can’t help but cry in the latter part of the story (thankfully, I was alone when I saw the film). The intensity and the drama was almost the same as that of a foreign film, though from the start, I was hoping that KC’s character would defy the odds in the end.

Anyway, I won’t be putting on any spoilers. But the said movie would teach someone lessons about acceptance and letting go. For I had my share of that. Right after the movie, at the back of my head, are realizations with both my past and present situation. I can totally understand Sam Milby’s portrayal in the film and his character filled with fear and confusion; one who is totally exhausting all means to make amends and get all the possible ways just to keep someone alive when the latter has fully accepted the resolve that she cannot be saved.

I was like that. I cannot say how many times but I know I used to and probably, I still am. I was afraid to let go. I thought I can’t bear the feeling of being left alone thus I kept hanging on even if it meant utter confusion and the difficulty – when the resolve should have been losing the grip and letting go.

I will not hide it that even now, despite the situation is different, there are times I’d feel afraid. Yes, I’d want to fall for someone but there is an extent that I am still afraid – to be hurt, to be fooled, to fail. But then it’s part of the deal. But I guess that’s why love is called a leap of faith – because you need to take the risk, you need to take that leapfor you won’t know what might be the outcome unless you’d be that brave to try. And sometimes, when you already had enough, there is a point where you should let go. A point where you will have to fully surrender.

Which reminded me of the response written by one of my friends, Jam in my old Facebook status:

"Hindi masamang sumuko sa mga bagay na hindi mo kayang kontrolin."

Sometimes when people themselves had exhausted all their means and decides that they've had enough, you need to respect their wishes; for you won’t have everything in life no matter how (badly) you want it.

But just before you hit the theater and see the film, I advise you to bring loads of Kleenex as the movie's one huge tearjerker.

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