Monday, June 6, 2011

Sunday Updates

I am taking a few minutes this Monday morning to update my blog. I have been on a different shift the past two weeks coming to the office at 11 at night until 8 in the morning and now's actually the third week.

But despite the hustle and bustle of a crazy work schedule,I still make it a point to do my Sunday obligations regardless of how busy or bone tired I am. Last week, I had to render rest day overtime coming in to the office on a Sunday to attend a 15-hour Adobe Photoshop training at Informatics Eastwood branch. Yes, it left me bone tired but I still went to do an adventure trip -- hailing a cab from Libis to Megamall to catch the 6:30 pm mass at the Chapel of the Eucharistic Lord (and I did it!)

Yesterday, I was on the said chapel again but this time at an earlier schedule. In all the masses that I have participated, I have heard about the book Straight From The Heart...A Prayer Companion. Now, while I still have books to finish (I haven't finished reading my two Chicken Soup for the Soul books as of this writing), I decided to get a copy of the said book of prayers for myself yesterday. And I don't know if it was a strange coincidence but I received communion yesterday from the book's author, Fr. Mar C. Ladra.

The book contained more than 50 prayers. I think I made the right choice to purchase that book as it contained some of my "favorite" prayers from the Serenity Prayer, Anima Christi and the 3 O'Clock Prayer -- the very first prayer that I was able to memorize when I was two years old. The book also features prayers to saints and a guide to the mysteries of the rosary, which I find really helpful because I would admit that I am not familiar with the new mystery anymore.

I am planning to purchase additional copies to give as a gift by the next time I return to the chapel and send them to relatives abroad. As for me, I guess, the book will not just be my prayer companion but my travel buddy too as I plan to bring it even to work.

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