Saturday, July 23, 2011

More Than Their Princess, I'm The Daughter

Been through a worthy Saturday -- or should I say a week. For the past for days, Papa has been meeting me every morning to pick me from the office and drive me home. And there are times I cannot still believe that he's actually doing it for real; because lately he's been going back and forth to the ancestral residence in Quezon and I only see Papa for a week. Prior to this, he has been away for three weeks.

So it was like sort of bonding time that even if I am in an odd schedule at work, there still is time that I get to spend with Papa -- even if it meant just driving me home half asleep in the car.

And I don't mind waiting for him for like 30 minutes or so to arrive at the office's parking lot (though I feel uneasy waking him at 4:00 am to remind him about it).

But this morning, was different; because he picked me up -- together with Mama.

And I can't be more than any happier at that. Talk about precious mornings and worthwhile days.

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