Sunday, July 24, 2011

Could It Be You

Who caused me to feel these unusual signs

That began from that glance of your lovely eyes

Jerry Maguire may have caught her by hello

But to me, it’s that disarming glance that just did so.

Or could it be that way you pronounce my name

For unlike others, you don’t do the same

Is it the way how you express chivalry?

Wait. Probably, it’s just the way I see.

You don’t make me that deliriously happy

At least not just yet, that I could say

Though you cause me to be tickled pink

Each passing day.

And the pen that has rested for years

Had regained its force

To say these things, though hopefully

It won’t make matters worse.

Could it be you that caused me all these?

Yet, I’m glad I’m still at peace

Maybe it’s because I’m not yet into you

I'd rather wait for things to happen and hope you'd feel the same way too.

1 comment:

tin said...

i think.. it might or might not be ___..but if it makes you happy then, let it be..Being peculiar is very fun.. AHAHAHAH.. :D