Monday, August 29, 2011

I Should Resume Writing Soon

Since I left my freelance writing job last year, I seem to have abandoned my first love -- writing. Except for this blog, which is sadly neglected lately, I don't get to write much about anything these days.

So, aside from books, to compensate the time that I am not immersed in writing, part of my monthly brain diet is getting a copy of Reader's Digest. Today, I brought a copy while I was with mom in the salon killing time while waiting for the hair cutting session. I told mom that aside from feeling good and having a wonderful time reading, RD pays for contributions (and by the word pay, it's in dollars). I love Reader's and the stories as well as the vocabulary challenge.

Mom told me that giving it a shot to contribute a story won't hurt. Writing has been an ideal stress buster and diversion method for me. I started writing a story since last week (just for creativity training and relaxation's sake) but in order for me to come up with an organized plot and an equally good ending, I will need to devote a time for it alone.

I better do it once I get to have a long weekend.

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