Saturday, August 13, 2011

Is This What You Call Art?

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I might have been too occupied with my duties at work missing time to watch TV for quite some time. But thanks to the wonder of online newspapers, I still get to read papers, browse news channels and know what's going on on the outside world.

Part of what caught my attention the past few days was this news about a CCP exhibit of artist Mideo Cruz that has been ringing the bell for weeks now. Apparently an art show, this has earn lots of criticisms especially from the Catholic groups. The reason? The exhibit contained blasphemous works that irked a particular religious community.

Now, I too am following the news about this and to my horror, when I found out what the controversy was all about, I myself could not feel anything but a certain amount of disgust towards the artist and his obviously blasphemous works.

Imagine phallic objects on what is actually a sacred symbol of the Catholic faith if you think it's enough, wait until you see how the artist bastardized an image of Jesus by painting his face white and substituting the ears with that of Mickey Mouse's?

I don't see this as art. Instead, I'd rather tag this as a HUGE PIECE OF SHIT!

It makes me wonder is this the way ART is defined nowadays? Does blasphemy and bastardizing now equate beauty? My mom said too that this is not the way art was used to be defined. No one would see such scandalous works in the time of Fernando Amorsolo. Those people knew how to create art with decency. Suddenly this modern day artist just taints that definition.

And quoting a representative from CBCP, how would Mideo Cruz feel if those ears or those phallic objects were plastered in the face of someone close to him instead?

Now, I do have a brother who once got engaged to the arts. Thankfully, he still was on the correct frame of mind not to do things such as these; and none of us had ever reacted about how his work could spark a controversy; lest I'd give him a hard whack on the head.

I had this silent, screaming thought in my head. There are some artists who think and feel that they are superior; that they know a lot if not everything. Sorry to say this but whenever I read about or listen about this kind of news, I can't help but assume, this person might have sold his own soul to the devil. Or probably, he doesn't know God anymore. For no one in the right frame of mind would do such a ridiculous act like bastardizing what and who is actually treated as sacred by most people.

And they say it's just freedom of expression? I do believe freedom doesn't come in absoluto. It has its limits and having a decorum or rule to follow doesn't automatically mean censorship. I wonder why they are that OA feeling like they're always the aggrieved party. Maybe it's about time that a set of decorum would be observed in this kind of "profession".

Just like what an Inquirer reader said, "if you keep on arguing that it's for the sake of [art and] freedom of expression, better put that into practice -- in the comfort of your own home."

What a clever thought.

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