Saturday, August 27, 2011

Looking Backward

Because Facebook has this feature of retrieving old status posts in your wall, I got to check out one of these posts that I made last year. It's great to have something to look back to. Especially after having gone through a hectic week which almost left me on a wreck havoc of some sorts particularly the past two days, the signs showed up; especially with physical manifestations.

I've known myself to be anemic so it came by surprise when I found out that my blood pressure surged to 130/90 on Thursday night (it even went higher to 140/90 last night when I sought consultation in the office clinic). My office mates DL and GR had to ask me a lot of times if I was okay and I do appreciate that. My mom and my brother wanted me to take a leave from work for at least a day more but I cannot afford to be away that long adjustment wise. Thankfully things had started to be fine now.

I knew I needed to have a good amount of sleep too; and somehow, the rainy weather never fails to work its magic. Anyway, back to the post, it never escapes to leave a smile on my face. I guess, it's one of the senseful thoughts I posted so far.

I've got a short story to finish. I'll be signing off now. Goodnight everyone.

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