Monday, August 22, 2011

Occupied August: Birthdays

Birthdays had been what's making most of our days this moth. But more than anything, I am looking forward to the big days of two special people in my life when August comes along. I guess I was lucky enough to have scored a job effective last year so I was able to give my parents treats for their birthdays.

The birthday boy...

and the birthday girl :-)

My parents were born just a year and a week apart. So, two weeks ago, Papa turned 60. Now, it's legal to say he's officially s senior citizen :-p While Mama on the other hand turned 59. I was lucky to have been allowed to be on leave for both occasions (having filed them three weeks in advance). I just allowed myself to sleep for four hours then off we went to Max's restaurant for their birthday dinner together with my brother and my two nephews.

The event went as planned. It was just a simple family dinner and some shopping for little stuff. My leave went to where it should (though with the second one, some office mates were wondering about my absence).

Happy Birthday Mama and Papa. Thank you for being such wonderful parents to me and to JR. I hope you'll both continue to age gracefully and would always be in the pink of health.

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