Friday, September 2, 2011

6 Things To Do on a Labor Day Weekend

You read it right. As I write this, it's already a Friday morning. The studio peeps at work observed a long (Philippine) holiday weekend this week and come Monday, it's our turn -- to commemorate US Labor Day.

I'd like to think that this is fun! Celebrating two identical holidays only on different dates. I am a Filipino and had been residing in the Philippines all my life, so by default, Labor Day really is on May 1. But since I work for a foreign company, we observe US federal holidays so we'll be having Labor Day by Monday, September 5. I might not have a rest day for the first of May but I get to have it come Monday (plus, the May 1st holiday is paid! Win-win situation, eh!).

So, what do I have in mind in store for the long weekend?

Sleep- Being in a job where we're required to work odd hours, getting a restful slumber is an ultimate luxury. Enough said.

Read- I'll be curling in bed with two issues of Reader's Digest and the book First Love. I purchased the book almost a week ago after becoming hooked with Match Made and I want to devote time to savor each story in this second book. Oh, and lest before I forget, I received a wonderful surprise from one of the writers/ authors in the previous book. But that's reserved for another post. I'm also into reading articles from The Philippine Star. I've been following Francis Kong's Business Matters, but I never thought that lawyer and former senatorial candidate Adel Tamano is also a columnist for that broadsheet and he writes interesting pieces in his column too.

Write- I decided to try at hand again at writing short stories (that's the effect of Match Made for me). I have the title and the plot. I just need to organize the whole idea but I need time to work on the whole thing.

Blog, blog, blog- I know I've neglected this blog lately and I've got to update this over the weekend. Stories had been piling up and I'm excited to share them with you -- including that day when I personally met a famous Filipino "celebrity" in a public event.

Clean the Clutter- That includes from my room (which I clean on my own every weekend) and my inbox. I have to delete unnecessary letters and group the other ones according to their respective folders (wish me luck on this).

Visit a place - I haven't been to my alma mater for a long time and given some new, happy events happening to people I knew from my college years (specifically with my former teachers), I want to take time and see them for some bonding.

Weird but shopping is not part of the list. Right, probably, a little window shopping would do the trick.

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