Friday, September 23, 2011

And Then There Were Punchlines

Just when I thought I've had enough of that entry I posted days ago, it seemed that the funny part have not ended where I previously left it. Checking on this blog recently, I found out that there were nine people who thought of liking the shallow thought I wrote in there.

Then the other night I was sitting with my friends at work discussing my thoughts about arranged marriages in other cultures. I remember telling them that if I were entrusted by my family in an arranged marriage set-up, I will certainly disagree to my heart's content.

Out of the blue, my best friend Apple blurted out the following question:

"Eh, what if your parents arranged you to marry Diether Ocampo?"

Then there was split second silence before I finally picked what to say. Which was:

"If ever that happens, I'd rest my case and submit myself to what they want. I'll even tell them to push through with the wedding ASAP! (insert villainess laugh here)"

Talk about, like what Apple joking referred to before -- illusions, hahaha!

But most probably, it's also about best friends finishing each other's silly, shallow sentences. And seeing the bright side of things -- even conversations as simple as this.