Sunday, September 25, 2011

Eight Things I Learned This Week

Now this post will be the last for tonight. Just to relieve our minds off of that previously posted scary story (I don't want us sleeping with those frightening thoughts -- they're not the right way to dream land).

Here are the pieces of wisdom I realized this week:

1) Just when I thought that self hatred is more of an emotional problem, it is actually considered as a sin.

2) People keep secrets mainly for fear of being rejected and because they are scared of how people might react once it is revealed.

3) That aside from being chivalrous, my office mate also possesses such charming eyes.

4) More than entertainment, blogs could be a source of positive influence.

5) That Red Box in Eastwood is such a nice place to unwind and have fun after a week of work.

6) My team mates at work are also good singers.

7) There is always someone for everyone. That is the law of the universe.

8) When I thought I have enough, I actually have A LOT of the blessings to which I am thankful.

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