Sunday, September 18, 2011

Frozen on a Blissful Moment

I guess this is how busyness has been taking its toll on me; I tend to forget dates if not occasions. While I remembered that today a former friend has been married for six years, I almost skipped on an event that I used to remember.

Today, I have been single for two years and seven months. Indeed time nowadays run really fast.

Now to the reason for this post, I shall be quoting (as an addition) lines from the poem Freeze This Blissful Moment by Filipino author B-Ann S. Echevarria to describe an event happened that days ago.

Freeze this blissful moment
And let good time stand still
As my beloved traverses my visual field
And my heart quickens with every step he fills.

Preserve this fleeting moment
And suspend the approaching second
As I alone, bestow on him a single look
No longer stolen or wreathed with shame or fear

And when at last he is out of sight
And vision has served its purpose well
Let me delight in the image he leaves behind
In one cherished corner of my mind.
As much as I want to divulge the story, I simply cannot; believing that at times, it pays to be silent. Yes, part of me was happy then but at the same time, I was totally uneasy. And I don't know why.

The author (in her poem) hoped that time would simply stop for her to savor that blissful moment with someone "special". As for me, while the moment I had was indeed blissful as I see it, I was the one who froze the whole time. I was not my normal self so to speak.

It was the longest 20 minutes or so that I had with a person that I just can't look into the eye.

Funny but while other people would probably want to trade places with me to feel that blissful moment, I on the other hand wanted to call that moment to a halt ASAP at the time it was happening.

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