Sunday, September 25, 2011

It's Scary -- And It's Not Halloween Yet

I know. But there was this odd and kind of freaky thing that happened to me before the weekend ended.

Disclaimer: What you're about to read does not intend to scare you.

It happened in the office during the wee hours of Saturday morning, because there was a lengthy interval for my next call, I decided to just give myself a quick shut eye to give my peepers some rest. But given the fact that I just got three hours of sleep that morning, the quick shut eye became a ten-minute quick nap (don't worry. I don't sleep on the job and despite that, I still am able to quickly answer a call when it comes in and the phone rings). suddenly, I had to wake up because I felt a light tap on my knee (it felt as if someone really, as in physically did it). But when I opened my eyes, of course, no one could be hiding under my table. Thinking that it was only because I lacked sleep, I simply dismissed it and went on with what I do.

Then came minutes before 3AM when the second shut eye happened. Again, I don't have a call to attend to. But this time is what I really consider odd. While I was again on a quick nap, I found myself opening my eyes after feeling a shaking motion on my right shoulder as if someone was waking me up.

I looked around thinking that it was someone else ( a team mate or perhaps a supervisor) but I found no one walking within the bay where my space is located. At that point, I already started feeling my goosebumps rise.

Who or what could that probably be?

Creepy I know. And this was not the first time it happened. I remember almost a month back, my friend and her team mate was telling me that she saw and heard me attending to a call (even complimenting me about it) on my old workstation

What's odd was it happened on the night when I was not around because I was sick and can't report to work.

I only thought it was as simple as a doppelgänger as it has happened to some of us before. But upon hearing that from my friend's team mate, and now involved me, I will not hide it that it's kinda scary.

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