Friday, October 21, 2011

The Case of Delayed Gifts

My big day's about to come two weeks from now. I was supposed to write this days ago but since I've always been from home on mornings for three straight weeks, I had to postpone writing until today.

I was browsing the older entries I wrote about in the past and came about the post I made two years ago prior to turning 24. Well, it was only until two weeks back that I realized how those wishes just came to happen. Some of those aren't exactly what I wanted but then, consider these:

I asked for this at 24:

and got this at 26:
Might not be exactly the same. But it's still love, love, love!

On that blog entry, I wished for this:

And just months back, I anonymously received this at the office:

It's not as many as I wanted but it's still a rose -- and more inportantly, it's RED.

It's fun to think that wishes do come true for real. Wishes just like prayers that are delayed are not denied. It only takes four letters.


I still haven't planned what to do for the big day. All I know is that it's going to fall on a weekend. And the gift that I wanted? It's finally here. Though I hope someone would give me a reinforcement to go with it.

Move over Martha Stewart, I'm almost there! :-)

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