Sunday, October 2, 2011

Last Night

I was about to sleep a few minutes before midnight when I checked my mobile phone before dozing off and found this message from my best friend, Apple:

The message read:
"Lex, I'm teary. You didn't know how happy I was having you with me at work. I felt comfort when you're with me sa office."

I will be lying if I say I did not cry after reading that message. Apple and I had been together as friends for a decade now. We've been through a lot. She had seen me through those happy and tough times. She had been there with me during my struggles, including those moments when I was waiting for a tough decision on a certain event that in a way changed the course of what my life is at present. We were more than just mere confidants and friends.

Someone once said, a friend is either a brother or sister that God created but you never had. And I'd like to believe that while we treat each other as best friends, Apple is probably the [twin] sister I hoped to have.

Today while at the church (I'm back to the parish where I originally am from), it dawned on me. By tomorrow, Monday's going to be different. There's a feeling inside me that I find it hard to describe. Of course, given the personal concerns I have at present, I can't help but think about not being with Apple at work as well. Knowing that she too is going through a hard time, it's as simple as just being there to listen that I know I get to comfort her.

Apple, in case you get to drop by, I just want you to know that while I might not be physically around the four corners, I'm just a call and text away.

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