Tuesday, October 25, 2011


It took me a few seconds to finally get that title out. Right now, I am going through a lot of adjustments, particularly concerning the household. I'll have to reorganize my own room since it's been converted literally to both a room/library/office (which means I will not be using my room for its sole purpose of sleep and sex). Papa had finally moved the internet connection here in my room this morning and I am slouched on the floor typing this entry. The decision was done last night after not much thought. It was all impromptu since someone has moved in to our home last night and she'll be here I guess for good.

And so, together with my plan of practicing some kitchen skills (which I am enjoying lately, thanks Junior Master Chef!) I'm doing some renovation of my space as well. I've been wanting to get my Acer Aspire One netbook its own laptop bag too. I have seen one at National Bookstore but likewise, I have not bought it yet.

Not to forget, I have been planning to pursue fiction writing again. I already have this piece written, title, content and all but the plot's a mess and so, I will have to reorganize it as well. I also have this movie I've been dying to watch but I'll have to wait for the release date.

Notes here and there of the things that need to be done appear handy just so to keep me posted.

I'm willing to do these things, I'll have to wait 'till my body cooperates. As of the moment, my body is acting under the weather again making me unable to do what I should and postpone doing them until further notice.

And so, pardon me if I feel lazy to update this blog -- at least for now.

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