Monday, October 31, 2011

This I Did on Hallow's Eve

After five days of staying home to recuperate from an asthma attack, I was finally able to leave the house today. I should say I obliged myself to because there are errands to do. I really did not stay long outdoors, blame it to my hypochondriac attitude, with the pollution outdoors still bothering me, I decided to come home after two hours of being at the mall.

Tonight's the last night of October. While it's a tradition to watch those scary TV shows even do horror flick marathons, I decided to veer away from it. Instead, I just watched movie trailers last night from Dear John to Look Who's Talking -- that's what I was watching until one in the morning.

When I wake up tomorrow, it's going to be another month. And honestly, It makes me feel uneasy. And I cannot understand the reason behind it.

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