Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Twice The Magic

I never wished on that magic wand
Just followed the sign and took my stride
And as the crowd had cleared the land,
You were the one I'd get to find.

I guess I lost track of my calendar today. Leaving home early for work, I found it weird to find roads that are so quiet; with not much commuters, one could freely drive like a maniac if they wanted to.

I only realized halfway through the journey that today is actually a holiday. (Sigh). I guess I still haven't removed this thing of observing foreign holidays instead of our own and I am still used to reporting to work on a holiday.

But if there was one thing I consider great about coming to work on regular holidays, it's this incident that happened this morning. I was walking on the way to our office building when a lady wearing a hijab passed ahead of me. While I thought of it as something ordinary, there also were ideas running in my mind.

Like what if this person is related to someone I know.

Call it funny, call it creepy but something that made me giddy and smile to my heart's content happened minutes after that. Just as the lady disappeared and the halls had cleared, I saw a good-looking man approaching my way.

It was him -- a person I knew and befriended from way, way back. The usual exchange of pleasantries were there. Funny but just when I thought is a usual street meeting, he turned back to verbally invite me to one of their office functions.

I won't be disclosing my response but as I paved my way to the office to begin another workday, I was really wearing this HUGE, delightful smile on my face. Yes, I confess that I sort of prayed that someone as dashingly handsome, smart and nice as him (only modified in some important aspects) would eventually come my way. But then, there's another thing I was telling myself:

Despite the weird feeling of making those coincidences real, I sure am a lucky girl!

photo courtesy of DeviantArt.

Monday, November 28, 2011


I was watching KC Concepcion's interview yesterday on TV and compared to the past episodes of The Buzz, where I don't normally pay too much time, this one really caught my attention. I can't help but feel disturbed watching a teary-eyed girl confessing her pain and disappointment over a relationship that went down the drain. It was at that moment I was trying to process some mixed feelings at the back of my head.

With all honesty, part of me has this empathy for her. Seeing KC in tears while she recalled the whole relationship -- from how it started, the way it ended and those reasons behind it that she decided not to tell, in a way, I know how it feels. It feels great to recall how it commenced but it's painful as well to think how it ended. I could relate to that confusion and fear when when she has to tell people why they're no longer together. Finding and giving out answers to the question why is among the hardest things to do and say; especially if those people -- from common friends, family to strangers had been so used to seeing you and your former significant other together.

But what really hit me hard was when she said that she felt the emotion of anger later and that never had she prayed much until the break up happened. In some instances, anger is a secondary feeling. And just like her, when I went through the same ordeal, I had to seek refuge to prayer just to maintain my sanity in the midst of the pain I was going through.

Breakups are among those things that's hard and heart wrenching -- especially if one had invested more than just feelings in it. It's a situation that would consume much of you -- from your emotions and if worse, your whole being. Surviving a breakup is a struggle that sometimes, impossible as it may seem, I wish no one would have to go through it at all.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Sweet Inspiration

This was the first thing that came running into my mind this morning. I decided writing this as my first note of the day. I bumped into a former office mate on my way to the office. The thing is it happened just as I was just having this wishful thought like "what if I'd meet this person along the way?"

I've been wearing this huge smile on my face afterwards. I'm that giddy, I even got to bring that smile home with me.

Rather than focusing on that "what your mind can conceive, your body can achieve" mantra, that incident this morning left me thinking that maybe, God really knows how to goof off with my shallows thoughts -- enough to make it real in no time.

Not to forget that what I've written could count as a form of positive faith. I can't help but feel light just thinking that I am really a lucky girl.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

A Fresh Start

Tomorrow, my life begins anew. And I will confess, I feel a bit scared. I know that this should be nothing new and that I must get used to this but still I feel odd. From working for an advertising company, I am about to embark a career in another industry.

Beginning anew, starting afresh. A new office, new technologies, new tasks, new people, new schedule. Yes, it's scary. The first time will always be difficult. But I don't want to think of negative ones.

Someone said the endings you go through are the beginnings you've been waiting for. I pray for God's guidance as I go through a fresh start. I hope things will be fine.

A Treat to (Hopefully) Calm My Senses

I was trying my best to reserve my energy and was hoping to stay home since I had been so busy the past few days securing things for a new endeavor. But then, I found myself en route to SM Megamall today for the Sunday mass.

Part of my ritual is dropping by Gong Cha at the Atrium to buy their Gong Cha Milk Wintermelon Tea. I had missed this the past few weeks. I guess this is really one of their best sellers because it went unavailable during those two weeks that I frequented the store.

I have tried a few milk teas out there but unfortunately,it has this weird reaction in my digestive system. But with Gong Cha's Milk Win termelon Tea, my digestive system is well-behaved and my sweet tooth calms down as well. Maybe it's because the combination of the tea and the cream tastes heavenly. While the store also suggests adding pearls or coffee jelly to their drinks, I prefer my own to be as it is. For me, it tastes great even without the extras.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Race of the Stickers and Stamps

Another year's soon coming to completion. And what more do some people anticipate when another year opens? Planners. Some friends and people I know had started collecting stickers for the 2012 Starbucks planner. While I am a planner person, I actually prefer the usual bookstore-bought journals ( I even saw stylish planners in Fully Booked-Eastwood this week).

When I dropped by The Coffee Bean in Eastwood Citywalk this morning to grab an iced Moroccan mint, I was offered this mini booklet for their 2012 giving journal. Now, I really am not planning (yet) about availing their planner especially since the price of their beverages had increased. the drink I ordered costs PhP140 now when it was only PhP135 when I was still working in a nearby office (and I only left a month ago. But compared to Starbucks, you'll just have to purchase 18 drinks from Coffee Bean (to complete the 18 stamps for the planner) and the other thing is, they don't specifically oblige you to order a particular drink so the choice of what to buy is really yours.

What further caught my interest was when the cashier, Sheryl informed me that I don't just get their planner for free, I also get to help send someone to school.

I'm still thinking about it. The price still is expensive for a planner but then, I get to participate in a worthwhile endeavor as well. I really need to think, think, think.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Bring Out the Christmas Decors!

I know Christmas is still 46 days away. Here at home, we were given advance notice not to put up the decorations yet as one of my aunts in Canada will be coming home for the holidays with I guess a box full of Christmas stuff. But it looks like we can't really stop ourselves from inviting the Yuletide breeze in.

And so, despite the warning, our house is now adorned with these:

Outside our house...

Outside grandma's house, they have lights too! Gaya-gaya lang!

If you think Farmville is the only place for a topiary, I have one at home too, plus three Christmas trees!

I still want to add few more pieces to what mom had already arranged. I'm thinking of putting white poinsettias since it looks like our unit's motiff is a white Christmas. Either way, maybe gold would be nice as well. 

Monday, November 7, 2011

Impromptu Wish List

Kyowa Blender (SM Appliance Center), Black leather bag (SM Department Store), Kara Nina make-up bag (SM Department Store), The Choice and Reader's Digest (National Bookstore) 

I used to create a wish list a week or so before my birthday. But for this year, I decided to forgo with it and just be spontaneous (but still not becoming a huge shopaholic, so nothing to worry).

And so on my big day, I practically bought the things I so wanted (but I know I need as well). The justification for the items pictured above are as follows:

The blender. I am addicted to the show Junior Master Chef lately. And being 27 and thinking about getting married eventually, I just know (and it's important) I have to hone those kitchen skills so I started investing on kitchen gadgets. Now I can make those smoothies that I used to spend much on even if I am at home, minus hurting my pocket.

A black leather bag. Since the beige leather that my aunt from Canada gave me had started showing signs of irrevocable (read: irrepairable) resignation, I decided raid SM's shelves for replacement. Originally, I was thinking of buying a leather doctor's bag just so I won't need to lug a huge one whenever I go out but I purchased this black shoulder bag instead since it's spacious and it could fit my netbook as well.

A cosmetic bag. Make- up has been a staple item in my bag for a long time now. It's among the things I invested to as well. This make-up tote bag from Kara Nina is enough to hold my beauty essentials plus it will save me time from looking for the items in my bag. Not to mention given the red, white and green prints, it looks Christmas-y too.

This month's issue of Reader's Digest and a copy of The Choice by Nicholas Sparks. I am a bookworm so these items are part of my brain diet. I know in the previous post that I would like to own The Best of Me but I opted for another title the last minute. I'll probably have the other book some other time. By the way, I also got a back issue of Reader's Digest together with its new issue for PhP 160. It's like hitting two birds with one stone. What a steal indeed

I'm giddy with what I have got, seriously. How about you, what have you purchased recently? Drop me a note and let's talk about it here.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Thank You For Another Year

Since I turned another year older, it's time again to respond to this year's list of people who didn't forget my special day. As weird as it seemed though, and I will not be afraid to confess, I forgot to sing Happy Birthday when the clock striked 12 yesterday morning. Instead, there were tears welling from my eyes; for what reason those tears were for, still I don't know.

I almost thought the celebration won't push through since I woke up feeling almost unwell yesterday morning. I thought asthma had recurred though I was telling myself to spare me from another bout at least for a day.

I spent half of the day at SM Megamall to look for some of the things in my simple wish list (it's actually an impromptu list and nothing complicated compared to how it was years back). I also dropped by the Chapel of the Eucharistic Lord's Adoration Chapel to say my prayers. Here at home, relatives mostly my aunt, uncle and cousin from mom's side came to visit.

I still can't believe that I am now on my late 20's.

To the following people who had remembered me on my big day, thank you for the greetings:

Friends: Jay J., Elizabeth C., Sir Matt M., Sig C., Henry L., Sir Loel M., Grace Q., Peto J., Joseph M., Ryan Vincent C., Cris R., Darlyn dC., Erika E., Medel P., Darcy R., Barbie Bell AC., Rochelle C.,
Former colleagues and friends from PowerOne Online: Scarlete FS., Fleur B., Mikhaela dL., Marco D., Mel B., Josua P.,

Former colleagues and friends from Yell Adworks: Jhaz P., Joncarlo S., Drew M., Jahz M., Lori C., Gary R., Alex C., Tin B.,

College friends and professors from URSA: Lyca PG., Abby TS., Ma'am Aireen M., Eric T., Sir Reigh A., Ma'am Waj C., Jemaima M., Joanne CV., Erzen R., Carlo T., Joemar A., Sir Reggie G., Toni M., and Diane R.,

Former bosses, editors and co-writers at MMLDC Highlights Ms. Angie T., and Ms. Kay A., Alex P., Jeff Z., Helen Grace B., Ms. Peng Y.,

It was a simple celebration nevertheless. Cheers. Three years more before the big 3-0!

photo from Google.

Saturday, November 5, 2011

A Letter to a Stranger From The Birthday Girl

Dear Stranger,

As I write this down, I just turned older by another year. Never in my wildest thought that this day would come and I’ll be writing this note for you as part of my birthday ritual this year.

Forgive me if these words will come from me but I don’t feel like celebrating my birthday anymore. Call it the irony of getting older but it’s among the reasons why. You see, I’m 27 now – obviously, I’m not getting any younger. Prior to writing this, at the back of my head, I would wish that the clock would tick ever so slowly just so the day won’t change easily.

In a way, this is one of those birthdays when I’d feel empty. Honestly, I don’t know why, but it was one thing I’ve been feeling lately. It’s like walking in the cold with both hands hiding in the pockets of my sweatshirt.

I will not hide it. For two birthdays, I have been wishing that someone like you would come along. When I was younger, I had planned that when I reach this age, I will get married. But I guess, life is really what happens to you when you’re busy making plans. Just when I thought I’d get married to a stranger in my past, things fizzled and I have to be alone.

I am alone until now.

Back then it felt okay. Before, I don’t find a deal about seeing happy couples walking hand in hand, seeing that twinkling eye that is enough to explain their happiness. But these days, especially in the past months, I just had these feelings as if feeling that way has been starting to feel a bit different.

It’s like longing. It’s as if looking at those people and saying I’m just fine has been starting to feel no longer okay anymore.

I remember someone say this: “come to think of it, if you chose to stay alone for the longest time after being left by someone, imagine how many Christmases and birthdays would go by lonely.”

I guess mine was both by chance and by choice. I will not hide that while I am hoping to meet someone like you, there still are inhibitions and fears that though are haunting me, I am trying so much to fight. It’s like me having to walk on a thin wire with a fear of that dizzying view of what’s below. It’s like jumping in an ocean but doubting to swim.

But these days, I would sometimes just find myself staring at those couples then wondering about when will these hands of mine have someone else’s to hold? That feeling of bear hugs and being in someone else’s arms and indulging in late-night conversations over coffee. I guess that more than these thoughts (and others wandering in my mind), I have this feeling that I hope I’d finally meet you.

Yes, I’ve been longing for someone like you to share those things with. I’m uncertain as to how many more lonely birthdays and holidays will pass my way but as I blow that candle on my birthday cake, I’d wish for that one day. For that day to come when our paths would cross and we’d tell’ each other, “finally, I get to meet you” and that we won't be strangers no more.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

In For Some Laughter

Among the things that I did after the one-week house arrest was to watch the movie The Unkabogable Praybeyt Benjamin. I have been raging to watch this film and upon feeling better, off I trooped to SM Megamall Cinema 9 with my friend Beth; my constant movie date.

The story revolves around Benjamin Santos (played by Vice Ganda), who was forced to to enlist and join the army in behalf of his ailing father and save his grandfather from the hands of the terrorists threatening to dominate the country.

All seems to be well, if not for one thing -- Benjamin is gay!

Of course, I won't tell you what happened next. And while it's prohibited (as much as possible) to asthmatics to engage in too much laughter, I had to give in and laugh to my heart's content. Nothing still beats Vice Ganda's punch lines.

As to the moral of the story, I guess I can share at least two: 1) Being gay doesn't mean you can't contribute, or even do a heroic deed (I'm just wondering what runs in the mind of people in the military if they watched this); and 2) The best way to uncover someone's well-kept secret is by having a bottle or two of beer.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

2011 Birthday Ritual

I can't hardly believe that it's already November again -- and that the day is approaching real fast. Now, it really sends a very weird feeling to me whenever this month comes along. Mainly because of two reasons: it's my birth month and getting older.

I started doing a birthday ritual few years ago (I am uncertain what my age was then, but I was already in my early 20's). Apart from blowing a candle on a birthday cake, I wait for the calendar date to change once the clock strikes 12 midnight, and I softly sing Happy Birthday to myself (if you're asking me why, I'll reveal that in a separate post). I also don't sleep immediately after.

There is also an additional ritual that I do on the last night before the date changes for my birthday. However, I just want to keep it a secret. The past few days, I have been thinking what to do for this year for the ritual. And after few nights thinking, I know now what to do.

But I'll need to organize the words. For now, I have to go to bed to be able to wake up early tomorrow and meet my movie date -- my friend Beth. Finally, after a week of being at home sick, I'll be going out to watch a movie.