Tuesday, November 1, 2011

2011 Birthday Ritual

I can't hardly believe that it's already November again -- and that the day is approaching real fast. Now, it really sends a very weird feeling to me whenever this month comes along. Mainly because of two reasons: it's my birth month and getting older.

I started doing a birthday ritual few years ago (I am uncertain what my age was then, but I was already in my early 20's). Apart from blowing a candle on a birthday cake, I wait for the calendar date to change once the clock strikes 12 midnight, and I softly sing Happy Birthday to myself (if you're asking me why, I'll reveal that in a separate post). I also don't sleep immediately after.

There is also an additional ritual that I do on the last night before the date changes for my birthday. However, I just want to keep it a secret. The past few days, I have been thinking what to do for this year for the ritual. And after few nights thinking, I know now what to do.

But I'll need to organize the words. For now, I have to go to bed to be able to wake up early tomorrow and meet my movie date -- my friend Beth. Finally, after a week of being at home sick, I'll be going out to watch a movie.

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