Monday, November 28, 2011


I was watching KC Concepcion's interview yesterday on TV and compared to the past episodes of The Buzz, where I don't normally pay too much time, this one really caught my attention. I can't help but feel disturbed watching a teary-eyed girl confessing her pain and disappointment over a relationship that went down the drain. It was at that moment I was trying to process some mixed feelings at the back of my head.

With all honesty, part of me has this empathy for her. Seeing KC in tears while she recalled the whole relationship -- from how it started, the way it ended and those reasons behind it that she decided not to tell, in a way, I know how it feels. It feels great to recall how it commenced but it's painful as well to think how it ended. I could relate to that confusion and fear when when she has to tell people why they're no longer together. Finding and giving out answers to the question why is among the hardest things to do and say; especially if those people -- from common friends, family to strangers had been so used to seeing you and your former significant other together.

But what really hit me hard was when she said that she felt the emotion of anger later and that never had she prayed much until the break up happened. In some instances, anger is a secondary feeling. And just like her, when I went through the same ordeal, I had to seek refuge to prayer just to maintain my sanity in the midst of the pain I was going through.

Breakups are among those things that's hard and heart wrenching -- especially if one had invested more than just feelings in it. It's a situation that would consume much of you -- from your emotions and if worse, your whole being. Surviving a breakup is a struggle that sometimes, impossible as it may seem, I wish no one would have to go through it at all.

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