Thursday, November 10, 2011

Race of the Stickers and Stamps

Another year's soon coming to completion. And what more do some people anticipate when another year opens? Planners. Some friends and people I know had started collecting stickers for the 2012 Starbucks planner. While I am a planner person, I actually prefer the usual bookstore-bought journals ( I even saw stylish planners in Fully Booked-Eastwood this week).

When I dropped by The Coffee Bean in Eastwood Citywalk this morning to grab an iced Moroccan mint, I was offered this mini booklet for their 2012 giving journal. Now, I really am not planning (yet) about availing their planner especially since the price of their beverages had increased. the drink I ordered costs PhP140 now when it was only PhP135 when I was still working in a nearby office (and I only left a month ago. But compared to Starbucks, you'll just have to purchase 18 drinks from Coffee Bean (to complete the 18 stamps for the planner) and the other thing is, they don't specifically oblige you to order a particular drink so the choice of what to buy is really yours.

What further caught my interest was when the cashier, Sheryl informed me that I don't just get their planner for free, I also get to help send someone to school.

I'm still thinking about it. The price still is expensive for a planner but then, I get to participate in a worthwhile endeavor as well. I really need to think, think, think.

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