Sunday, November 6, 2011

Thank You For Another Year

Since I turned another year older, it's time again to respond to this year's list of people who didn't forget my special day. As weird as it seemed though, and I will not be afraid to confess, I forgot to sing Happy Birthday when the clock striked 12 yesterday morning. Instead, there were tears welling from my eyes; for what reason those tears were for, still I don't know.

I almost thought the celebration won't push through since I woke up feeling almost unwell yesterday morning. I thought asthma had recurred though I was telling myself to spare me from another bout at least for a day.

I spent half of the day at SM Megamall to look for some of the things in my simple wish list (it's actually an impromptu list and nothing complicated compared to how it was years back). I also dropped by the Chapel of the Eucharistic Lord's Adoration Chapel to say my prayers. Here at home, relatives mostly my aunt, uncle and cousin from mom's side came to visit.

I still can't believe that I am now on my late 20's.

To the following people who had remembered me on my big day, thank you for the greetings:

Friends: Jay J., Elizabeth C., Sir Matt M., Sig C., Henry L., Sir Loel M., Grace Q., Peto J., Joseph M., Ryan Vincent C., Cris R., Darlyn dC., Erika E., Medel P., Darcy R., Barbie Bell AC., Rochelle C.,
Former colleagues and friends from PowerOne Online: Scarlete FS., Fleur B., Mikhaela dL., Marco D., Mel B., Josua P.,

Former colleagues and friends from Yell Adworks: Jhaz P., Joncarlo S., Drew M., Jahz M., Lori C., Gary R., Alex C., Tin B.,

College friends and professors from URSA: Lyca PG., Abby TS., Ma'am Aireen M., Eric T., Sir Reigh A., Ma'am Waj C., Jemaima M., Joanne CV., Erzen R., Carlo T., Joemar A., Sir Reggie G., Toni M., and Diane R.,

Former bosses, editors and co-writers at MMLDC Highlights Ms. Angie T., and Ms. Kay A., Alex P., Jeff Z., Helen Grace B., Ms. Peng Y.,

It was a simple celebration nevertheless. Cheers. Three years more before the big 3-0!

photo from Google.

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