Saturday, December 17, 2011

Gift Shopping Revived

Maybe I should get one too? :-p
For I really haven't done decent gift shopping for quite some time. Back then, while I only have one significant person to shop for, I was really meticulous on what to give for that one special holiday. But since 2009, I only had the godchildren to think of for Christmas and since they're still kids, I give off money for their aguinaldo as they're not as complicated as adults when it comes to gifts.

Well, for Christmas this year, shopping for gifts was revived. My godchildren will still receive their gifts the usual way but since I got blessed with a good-paying job, I decided to go the extra mile to shop for some extra gifts. At one corner of my bedroom are bags containing those gifts; from books, toys, kikay stuff and that Parker pen.

I guess, I'm still meticulous when it comes to the gifts -- the kikay stuff should be hypoallergenic, the toys should be apt to the age of the recipients, and for those with a wish list, that they get what they wanted. But what tested me was the Parker pen. Why so? It took me three weekends to acquire the gift. This after my office mates B and K reached to a decision that it will be the best gift for someone in our office. We first discussed about the type of pen to give and the budget (but I started checking it on National Bookstore's website when we agreed on the brand), then since I normally frequent Megamall every weekend, I checked with the branch to make sure that they still have the said type and color. And of course, since the gift will be personalized, I had to make sure that the spelling is correct or else my head will roll if something goes wrong (:-p).

We're off to send this gift next week -- and the recipient has no idea of what we girls planned. While I will start wrapping the other gifts so it will be ready in time for the 24th given that I'll still be going to the office until Friday.

How bout you? Are you done with your Christmas shopping too?


Beth Guina said...

I'm sure the recipient of that gift is both gonna be happy and surprised at the same time. I would have wanted to see his reaction when he receives the gift especially when he knows that it's coming from us. :)

Do take a picture of his reaction if you can. hehe. See you gals on Tuesday. :)

GLAIZA said...

Hi Beth!

Thank you for dropping by. Just like you, I'd love to see his reaction too (and how I wish I could really capture it).

I'm drawing it in my mind. Reactions like that are one thing that's priceless.