Saturday, December 10, 2011

Pink Shoes

Heaven for my heels!
I never fail to make it a habit to go to the mall during weekends just to unwind. And today, in between gift hunting for Christmas, I decided to treat myself with a pair of new footwear. My original plan really was to purchase gladiator sandals from Charles and Keith at SM Megamall but then they don't have my size for the style that I wanted (that's what you get for having big feet!).

And so off I went to the other brands and found these pink rubber pair from World Balance. Normally, I ask for a size 8 as most of the pairs I wear bear that but for this one, I had to ask for one size bigger. And despite wanting the gladiator sandals badly, I had to resort to this because of two things: 1) my work wardrobe isn't that complicated -- I wear jeans and shirts to work five times a week; and 2: I walk from the jeepney stop to the office (and vice versa) daily; making walkathon a (healthy) habit.

As per the cost, the pair is at PhP 1,199 (roughly around $27). I normally don't splurge too much on shoes (and yes, I already consider this one to be pricey). But when I first tried it on, it left my feet feeling comfortable (as in, I don't think I'll need heel cushions like what I used to do) which in other words is a purchase that's worth the money.

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