Saturday, December 24, 2011

Pre-Christmas Ritual 2011

Christmas Eve (literally) is a few hours from now. It's a weekend and just like the previous year, while I don't have work on this day, I found myself again in the city -- to shoot some photos and do my usual pre-Christmas church visit. Let these photos and little descriptions tell you what I did.

When I started this effort last year, part of the things that I did was visiting a sacred place (at least a new church). However, there are no churches near my office; only chapels. Last year, I paid a visit to the St. Pio Chapel. For this year, I went to the Holy Family Chapel which is just right across the street where my current office is located. People say that if it's your first time to visit a place of worship, and you do make a wish, it will come true. Of course, I did that (but I won't say what my wish was).

I also had the chance to visit the PLDT Christmas Village at the Citywalk (which was a mere steps away from my former office). This village was put up last year and I was able to see it too though I was unable to blog about it. But this time, I really had to capture the moment that could take me back to some memories of childhood.

I also took a video of the dancing fountains in the open park of the mall though I had to make the trip swift. I was caught a bit in traffic on the way home but I was able to manage. The gifts are ready to be sent out tonight and I am also about to open the gifts I received from my office mates.

I hope you'll have a wonderful Christmas everyone!

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