Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Simplicity in Giving

Guess what's inside!
I know I've previously said that Christmas gifts have not been my thing for four Decembers. But because of the blessings (career wise) that flooded my door this year, giving out these gifts had made my holidays lovelier. I will not hide it, the Christmas rush is so stressful. I was still not done with wrapping the gifts hours before Noche Buena. But I don't mind. There was excitement in that feeling of slouching on the floor to wrap the little things,  and just thinking and seeing the delight on the person who receives them is priceless (and there was this huge smile on my face as I type the word PRICELESS).

From my cousin's wife, Ate Rea.

Gifts from office mates, Eternity Moment from Tita F.

 In return, I received something for the holidays too. Gifts from office mates and relatives currently adorn a space in my study table. Yes, they might be simple things from pens, sticky notes to custom-made jewelry but regardless, those are all treasured. To others, they could just be little; but for me they mean big and loved.

More than just gifts, there are two more reasons that made my Christmas wonderful this year. It was a surprise that was revealed just last night. I'll probably tell that in another post, hopefully before the year ends.

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