Thursday, December 22, 2011

Tickled Pink, Thanks to K!

I've started dispensing the gifts one by one. And so does my office mates. This is the time of year that I realize the use of wish lists.

For the second time, I had to pick items to include on my wish list for a small Christmas party with my new colleagues.Some say my wish list has no thrill in it for it's ordinary if not easy to find. Well, that's my reason for putting it up. Aside from being specific, another reason why I tend to ask for the items in my list is to avoid inconvenience to the person who'll give it. Last year, I asked for gift certificates for this famous coffee shop as a gift which I got and for this year, I asked for any of the following, a pink planner, any novel from Nicholas Sparks (which I got addicted to this year) or gift certificates from Gong Cha for my milk tea addiction.

Today, I got my wish of a huge pink planner, thanks to my office mate K, I had a reason to giddily scream (again!). While it's not as pricey as Belle de Jour nor stylish as those given by coffee shops, I'm still happy with the simplicity of this gift. When I first laid my eyes on this item a month back in my happy place, I knew this was among what I really wanted for Christmas.

And I can't be any happier. Thanks K for my new planner. I'm so excited to flip into its pages next year. I now believe that when you ask for something, you'll have to be specific -- and it shall be given to you.

In that case, I hope Santa will grant my wish on my list of having someone like ML for a significant someone soon. But who knows? He might be that generous :-)

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Beth Guina said...

Delight yourself in the Lord and He will give you the desires of your heart. So happy for you Glaiz that you got your wish. :)

For sure the Lord is gonna give you someone better than ML -- just continue to pray and trust. God hears you and He will give you your heart's desire according to His will.