Saturday, January 21, 2012

Guessing Game

I was about to retire to bed late Friday night when I got this message.As luck would have it, the person seemed to have forgotten leaving his name.

It made me clueless for 10 hours and had to send a response first thing in the morning as I wake up.Thankfully, I didn't forget my manners because on the contrary, I'm kinda bitchy when it comes to text messages coming from people I don't know.

I should say this is the second time I get anonymous messages this week. The other one was a comment left in one of the entries in this blog. The sender of which, I am still trying to figure out until now (detective mode, eh :-p).

The person might have failed to mention a name but then, never forgot to wish me a happy weekend. Fair enough so I suppose, giving the benefit of the doubt (in this case) won't hurt.

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