Saturday, January 14, 2012

Creativity is Definitely More Fun -- in the Philippines

The Department of Tourism's new campaign It's More Fun in the Philippines might have earned controversy again knowing that it carried the same thing for the 1951 campaign of Switzerland. And I never thought to delight in it. Just this week, I was browsing on my Facebook page and discovered It's More Fun in the Philippines (OFFICIAL) page. There I saw how other people showed their creative side by adding their thoughts about what's good about the Philippines. Consider these:

You'd think you're in ancient Spain or Mexico

If US has Hershey's and Switzerland's got Lindt,
we've got out own too -- and it's definitely cheaper!

Real life Farm Ville? It's here!

Just among the items in my bucket list!

Nemo is for real!

And yes, my hometown too is among the reasons
why Philippines is a must-see country!

And this is the place where we have a wholesome version
of the pot session!

Indeed there are a lot of reasons to be proud. The campaign itself may have similarities but with how people represented and showed their ideas made it different. I just thought that if I only have my Adobe Photoshop software available, I could have uploaded a picture too.

How about you, what could make you say "It's more fun in the Philippines"?

photos from It's More Fun in the Philippines (OFFICIAL) page on Facebook.

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