Friday, January 6, 2012

Found a Long-Lost Literary Favorite

A few days before I took my holiday break at work, I took time to drop by the Fully Booked branch near my office to browse the available books that they have. Visiting the place during my lunch break has been a wonderful routine for me for the past few months.

Their books are a bit expensive; but then, they've got lots of titles from different authors. I was busy checking out the large print versions of Nicholas Sparks' books when lo and behold, I found this familiar title book quietly ignored at one corner:

They have a copy of A Knight in Shining Armor by Jude Deveraux! Imagine how my heart lept in giddy delight! I had the chance to read this novel about four years ago through my best friend Lord Apple and fell really in love with it -- from the plot, the characters and all. The whole story is really interesting for me; but I realized this title may no longer be available, given that this was written in the early 90s.

I had to let few more weeks pass and have it spent crossing fingers that it will still be in their shelves when I return. Just this afternoon, I finally bought this one in the fear that if I don't get to own this, someone else surely will! And I can't be let that happen. Now, I'm happier that I have one of my favorite novels at hand!

The challenge is, I still have another Nicholas Sparks novel waiting to be finished, so I'm afraid this book will have to be parked for a couple of weeks or so. But regardless, the point is I finally have IT!

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