Thursday, January 26, 2012

It's Now More Than Just a Radio Show!

The Morning Rush Top 10 finally hits the bookshelves! And since I was given an extended holiday by my boss because of the Chinese New Year, I trooped to the bookstore to get myself a copy.

I'm quite a fan of the radio show. I only say quite because I only get to hear the program when time permits. Now, this book's a genius; because at least I can read about some of the topics I've missed. While I've been a follower of Chico Garcia's blog, Strange Fruit, nothing still beats the feeling of flipping the crisp pages of a book and savoring its contents.

And if you think, this book's just about the green-minded subjects. Well, not everything in it is. They've got topics from mushy love stuff, creepy stories involving the supernatural, to the out of this world ideas you never thought you'd read in a book until you get a copy of this one!

I got to finish reading the book in two days. Just this morning, I shared the book to my two office mates, and what would you expect? We were all in for an ultimate laugh trip (which might have puzzled our supervisor who's desk is just in front of us :-p)

Just like wildfire, another office mate told me, she'll purchase one for herself. If you're looking for a light read, I suggest that you buy a copy as well. The great dose of laughter saved our sanity from being burned by the whole day's work and maybe, it will do you good too!

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