Saturday, January 7, 2012

Name Game

I'd like to think I am one of those creatures with a unique name. Unique in the sense that some people have a hard time to pronounce it right. But likewise, there are a few who still manage to be on the safe side. Back in one of my previous jobs, one of my friends from the US (hi, Drew!) requested me to spell my name over the phone. When I asked him why, his reply was because he wanted to be polite and to avoid "murdering" my name.

Sweet. Someone once said that a person's name is by far, the sweetest music to the ears. So, imagine how I cringe whenever someone calls me by a different name despite repeating it a lot of times. Believe it or not, to them, I was Rachel or Sarah. It sends creepy feelings which made me decide that if time comes for me to have kids, I won't be giving them "complicated" names.

Thankfully, with my job now, people seem to get my name pretty well. I get calls from different people and so far, it's about 97% (funny but I am now the one having issues with their names because they've got a different accent). Just yesterday I received a call from someone, a guy named George hoping to talk to someone in the office. While this person was unable to reach who he needed, he was that kind to recall my name after leaving his message. Who'd have thought, someone who I don't see in person and don't really know well ( except for that info that he works for a famous software company) would find time to recall my name.

Talk about priceless experiences at work. And for being one of those courteous people, I'll remember his name as well -- his name's George.

2 comments: said...

I have a very common name first two names but a unique third name. In real life, I go by my second name but online, I go with my third.

When I'll have a kid, I'll give him/her just one name. I'll make it count. (=

GLAIZA said...

The Background Story, Hmmm... your name's kinda puzzling me just like the clues you gave in your comment. Care to reveal what your real name is?

Regarding naming future kids, indeed let's spare them (and the civil registrar) from the agony of writing and the dilemma of (mis)spelling lengthy names. I believe one carefully-selected name should be enough.