Sunday, January 1, 2012

New Year Thoughts and Traditions

I am writing this on the first day of the year; looks like an achievement of some sorts because despite the traditional allergy attack, I am doing this first thing on New Year's Day.

Compared to the previous years, there weren't much photos taken this year as everyone has been that busy. People in the household were occupied preparing for the feast while  I was doing my general cleaning of my bedroom on the last day of the year and just decided to take this out-of-the-blue shot. And this has been my traditional look on New Year's Eve given that I am really having these  bad allergy attacks after the celebrations.

I did not forget the traditions and beliefs concerning the New Year. They say red is a lucky color; unfortunately, I wasn't wearing a red shirt last night (I was wearing an Aeropostale shirt in green) so yesterday morning, I decided to color my nails using Twinkle nail polish in appealing red; when my niece Kate saw what I was doing, she shyly asked me to do her nails too, so there were two of us with red nails  in the household.

My mom believes that you should put in coins on your pocket when you greet the New Year to signify well, prosperity finance wise. And I used these coins and placed them in my pocket.

And lastly, one of the things that I do on the last day of the year was lighting these prosperity candles. This came almost impossible this year after the NBS branch in SM Taytay (when I used to buy the candles) got out of stock. Thankfully, I found these candles still available in their branch in Sta. Lucia East. 

Based on the instructions, you should light these candles at 11:30 pm of December 31 and put it off at 12 midnight and the shortest candle will bring the most prosperity for the year. This was something I was not telling anyone in my family, not until last night. The candle has seven colors signifyinmg different aspect of life:

Red- life                                    Green- money
Blue- peace                                Pink- health/ love
Yellow- good spirit                    Orange- brightness
Violet- material wealth
Since I started doing this in 2009, the shortest candle that's left is the green one which signifies money (probably why I was either changing or receiving new job offers and sidelines. But for this year, it was the blue candle that was left; which would mean peace.

I don't line up resolutions. But if there would be some, it would be the shallow ones; read more books, watch more movies, be more outgoing (but not wild), spend time for myself, be more financially wise, blog more often,flourish my business, stay beautiful and live life to the fullest!


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