Saturday, February 18, 2012

An Engagement in Dream Land

I woke this morning with yet another weird dream. I found myself walking in this mini-park in Eastwood, the same route going to my office at 6 am. I know it was that early because the sun isn’t up and the wind is still chilly – as if it is just the “ber” month.

In that dream, I saw J, the guy I dated a year ago. He was in his usual, plain outfit of white T-shirt and denim jeans. We walked until we reached this restaurant, Seafood Island. What happened next was really, really unbelievable. Right there, in front of people (who to me was unfamiliar) he just knelt, opened a box with a ring and asked me the question.

I got engaged to J– (at least) in my dream.

My assumption was I said an affirmative yes because we were walking happily hand-in-hand afterwards. But when I woke up, despite the smile in my face and the “why” in my mind, I tried to shrug that dream off. Given the situation, as I see it, it could just be that the dream was trying to relate to the fact that people around me are shifting gears in their relationships and in their lives.

But I can’t forget how cute and sincere he was when he asked me those four words.

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