Sunday, February 26, 2012

Plus Points of Being Single

While I am aware of the growing titles that are stuck in my reading list waiting to be finished, I unfortunately cannot get my hands off each book that I get to hold whenever I am in a bookstore.

Three days ago, I was browsing over the shelves and found this little book entitled Oh, God, I'm Still Single by Rissa Singson-Kawpeng. I was typing on my mobile phone some words from another book but in the end, I walked out of the store carrying this thin, handy one.

Blame it on me for being still single which made me a perfect candidate to have this book, but as soon as I arrived home, I decided that reading the novel True Believer will have to be placed on hold for some time because I will be concentrating on this one. And by concentrate, I was able to finish the book in well, record-breaking three hours.

It might be a thin book but it's packed with the wonderful advice for those, as the book referred to, yet-to-be-married Christians. Having those 10 guidelines, it gave enlightenment on some of the things that had bothered or perhaps, confused me for some time. I knew some of the things discussed in there for I had been practicing them for a while now. However, I particularly loved Lesson Number 9 which tackled setting one's boundaries. It really shed light about my questions about decoding two people's relationship status (read: if it's just MU, MOMOL or really official) in plain, simple explanation (quoted from the book):

1. Don't let any man treat you like you're his girlfriend, unless he's made it EXPLICITLY clear. If there are doubts in your head, then the answer is you're not.

2. Don't let him hold your hand,put his arm around you or kiss you affectionately (even on the cheek) unless he's committed to you.

3. Don't let him have things for free. Your time and company is valuable. So, if he wants that, let him know it's a role of a girlfriend and he won't get it unless he's willing to pay the price.

I didn't regret spending a few pennies for that book. I may have been single for the longest time now but then, just like what the book said, waiting could be difficult, given the pangs of loneliness that could strike at any given time. Yet, being single is also a finite time for a lot of things and discoveries.

I know that someone's patiently waiting for me out there too. And if my age is no longer in the calendar, worry not -- it's still in the thermometer.


The Background Story said...

Reminds me of the line I've read somewhere:

Don't let yourself hang, when there are no strings attached. :)

At sabi nga ng friend ko: Kung hinde mo ako mahal, wag natin gawin ang mga bagay na ginagawa ng nagmamahalan :)llmyHmy

GLAIZA said...

The Background Story, your friend is right and I see your point. There's no such thing as MU (most of the time, it stands for Magulong Usapan). Why waste your energy on something that spells nothing if you can (and deserve) a bond that's more feasible and can promise you something better -- the kind that's for real.

At in relation sa POV ng kaibigan mo, sabi nga ni Bob Ong: "Kung hindi mo mahal ang isang tao, wag ka nang magpakita ng motibo para mahalin ka niya".

Anonymous said...

Hello... Do you have a pdf copy of this book? I am overseas and when I checked with Rissa and the publishers, they still don't sell any pdf copies :(

GLAIZA said...

Hi Anonymous!

unfortunately, I do not have a copy of the book in PDF form. I only have the hard copy at home. :-)

mhia said...

Hello I'm Mia,

I will bear in mind the Lesson Number 9. Thanks for this, it helps me a lot :), God Bless!

Alone but not Lonely :)