Monday, February 20, 2012

Post Valentine Flick: Unofficially Yours

Just when I thought Valentine's day syndrome had gone past, to me, it just didn't end yet. A week after watching The Vow, my feet brought me again to the cinema this me to watch Unofficially Yours.

What happens when two people with different perspectives about love and relationships meet unexpectedly? The story revolves around Macky (John Lloyd Cruz), a depressed young man who's been contemplating on why he had several failed relationships and Ces (Angel Locsin), a modern-day belle who is afraid of commitments. it starts with their one-night encounter with each other; which would soon be followed by another opportunity. This time as work buddies when Macky, who was a dentist by profession, decides to venture in the world of journalism by becoming a writer for one of the country's famous broadsheets. And as luck would have it, he gets to be trained by the same girl he once met and had a steamy encounter with. Their sexy adventures continue but the time they spend together also paved way for them to know each other; with him taking time to court Ces with the hope that the one night stand would  eventually lead to a serious relationship and with her confessing a painful past with her ex-boyfriend. The main reason why she eluded love all along.

I loved the plot though I got kinda shocked on the beginning. I loved the part when the two of them were singing VST& Company's Ikaw ang Aking Mahal (John Lloyd can have such a great voice if he wants to!) I enjoyed the whole movie and their chemistry though I'll have to warn those who would like to watch the film to not bring kids with them as much as possible because there are some scenes that might shock their minds. But if you'd like a feel good movie, I can suggest that you watch Unofficially Yours as part of your must-see.  

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