Tuesday, February 14, 2012

The Reason Behind the Special V-day

In the previous post, I scribbled how simple this day went. Only to find out that something wonderful is bound to happen. Which I will narrate here.

For quite a while, I had been following this blog, The Background Story which I first learned from my former supervisor. Over the past week, they announced that they will be having a contest in time for Valentine's Day. The mechanics were just simple. All one has to do is send a photo and caption on the subject  Love, how it ends and begins again. And they'll have it featured in their blog if the entry is chosen.

Now, while creating the caption isn't a problem, I am not really a photo enthusiast unlike my younger brother. But I remember one special shot I have kept. And upon knowing that some things are really worth a try, I decided to give it a shot -- a long shot at best, to say the least.

The credits? Complete with my middle initial in it.
To see the other entries, click here

Imagine my surprise when I checked the website tonight. The entry I submitted was among the top five. Just a snippet of information, those were my the wedding rings of my mom and my dad and everything from the lights to the embroidered pillow were improvised and no Photoshop manipulation was even used.  For the longest time, I had detached myself to the creative writer that I once was. And I just wanted to test if the magic was still there. I tried to put myself in a certain shoe. I won't deny it; I am waiting for that person who shall write "and they lived happily ever after" in my own situation, which inspired me to come up with the caption.

While there is no monetary prize for joining this contest, the happiness within me is already enough. And it's now that I realized there is a certain reason why I gifted myself with something today.


The Background Story said...

It's a poignant photo. They're 'just' rings but I can feel the intimacy.

GLAIZA said...

The Background Story, what ran to my mind was the significance of those rings and that special bond between my parents. I was really inspired of how strong their marriage is. I decided it's the best photo to send to your contest.