Saturday, February 4, 2012

Two Celebrations in One Afternoon

Just a quick post for tonight. I went to attend my office mate Kat's post-birthday celebration. You know that in this post, her birthday really was yesterday, Feb.3.

But aside from a birthday gathering, today was a day for two occasions as today also happened to be hers and her hubby, Vick's wedding anniversary. Talk about another year added to life and the first 365 days (and more) of wedded bliss. I thought I'd be missing this one because I woke up with a terrible stiff neck this morning but then, paracetamol thankfully did some of its magic and so, off I went.

Anyway, let these photos tell you of how we joined the merriment:

Here I am with Vick, Kat and Beth together with her hubby Dan. Yes. My dear gorgeous office mates are both taken (READ: MARRIED) and as for me, I'm the only single still standing. Enough said =)

What's a party without food? These two whips up really delicious dishes and tonight's occasion was no exception. Who'd have thought there's another creative way of preparing sausages (he called it hairy hotdogs). I personally loved the shrimp pasta (well, being the seafood monger that I am) and the liver stew? It won Dan over. No doubt about it.

The nanny and the girls, full and happy =)


Beth Guina said...

For sure you're gonna find that Heaven Sent -- in God's time. But for now enjoy being single. I'm sure when you are ready, God will give you that special someone. :)

GLAIZA said...

Indeed. Probably we're still playing hide and seek as of the moment.