Saturday, March 17, 2012

My Acer Aspire One Got a Makeover

My week has been very busy so far, thus the absence of my posts. So, to compensate it, I'll put in a short one for now:

By next month, I have acquired my Acer netbook for a year. When I was purchasing it, I was eyeing for the red one but as luck would have it, PC Gilmore only had one color in stock which is black. Thinking that it still looks stylish, I bought it against my previous plan.

At first I was fine with its shiny, black shade but as time passed, I felt sort of bored at it. I looked for laptop skins to put some design on my gadget but when I searched for them in bookstores, the ones being sold are for big ones (as in for the usual notebooks) aside from it being a bit expensive (200 bucks per sheet).

Two months ago when I visited National Bookstore in SM City Taytay, I found these cute designs in their rack while I was checking the scrapbooking materials. I found out that the size would fit my gadget and as per the price? It was more than half the price of the previous notebook skin that I saw in another store.

Now, my gadget has a new look -- far from being monotonous. And not to mention, no one would think that this netbook is owned by a guy. The art and design itself now clearly states it: its owner is a girl :-)

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