Saturday, March 24, 2012

Raiding the Red Box

Rat pack. That was what my friend/office mate Beth called me when she found out I keep a lot of things. And by things, those are little objects that to others could be trash but then, to me it has value; It could either be a reminder from my past like letters, school things and things like that.

I keep a time package-- just like a time capsule but it's in boxed form.

My time package used to be smaller -- a recycled box of Alfred Sung beauty kit which I dolled up a bit. But as time passed, the thingamajigs just got too many for it to accommodate so I decided on getting a larger one. Just to note, this box comes disassembled; so I took a few minutes so slouch on the floor to assemble it when I got home. Now, you might be wondering what is inside. Here's a peak:

Invitations to weddings and birthdays. Some of them were addressed to my parents, to my brother or to me and rather than throwing them away, I just decided to keep it. It actually feels good that while I still get to remember birth dates and anniversaries, whenever I take hold of these, I'd count on the years since the event and even ask myself (in the case of the married couples) how it's like to be married for like ___ years?"

These old letters were mostly from my highschool days and back in college when I used to attend and compete in conferences. While Friendster was then popular, this was the best way to cap off (or in my case, further extend) acquaintances -- even lead them to untiring friendship.

My old journals are kept as well and the entries are far more serious than what you are reading in this blog. Though I felt a bit dismayed because three of my old journals were misplaced and never found (including the very first journal I had when I was in sixth grade). Back then, I hate reading those ones that contained sad notes but when I was watching the movie The Vow,  there was this scene where Paige found piles of journals labeled additional evidence. It dawned on me that in a way, old journals would be useful to make me remember things, good or bad. But aside from that, the reason why I also because of this wonderful advice which 'till now, I heed:

"Record the (important) events of your life. your children will cherish them when you're gone."

I know it's creepy but then, it serves its purpose. I myself try to go back to some events of the past and try to compare them to now. And believe me or not, those notes make and help me
 to realize a lot of things.

So, there. you've had a look and now you know why I still decided to keep them rather than throwing them away. Those might be little things to some, but to me those are treasures.

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