Saturday, April 28, 2012

Fighting the Heat of Summer

A line from an old song goes, "the heat is on". And I know you will agree with me when I say that the weather these days had been so crazy. I hold office at one of the country's budding business district and my schedule converted me from a former night owl in the advertising industry to a day person. And since the ungodly hot weather strikes most in the morning and mid afternoon, going out of the building to grab a cup of iced joe or even fast food bites is such a harsh activity lately. If there could be modern-day vampires (aside from Edward Cullen of course), then you can count me in.

Like other people, I try to do some alternative to lessen the agony of this season. Take it from these photos:

While I was lucky to be given a day off for Australian Anzac Day last Wednesday, I took the chance to pay my favorite hairdresser a visit. It has been months since I had my haircut and while my hair had grown slower since I went for a bob cut four years ago, it has been long enough to cover my nape and just makes me more uncomfortable especially in the afternoons when the temperature shoots the highest.

I also sport wearing summer dresses and cotton sleeveless tops whenever I am just at home. The summer dress I am wearing on that photo was from SM. I think I got that for PhP 199 (about $5) and it's one of my favorite items in my closet lately.

The other thing that people do these days to feel at ease with the weather is going to malls. We're too far from Antartica or even the North Pole, so the most accessible place similar to their temperature are our shopping malls. Given that I had a bit of a tough week at work, I decided to give myself a treat this afternoon and ordered a Spam with cheese and egg sandwich and a tall iced tea from Starbucks. While the sandwich was originally a breakfast item, it was sufficient fill me. Their iced tea is not like the usual teas out there. They use real (as in brewed) tea and it's evident with the taste and the dark color. Now with regards to the price, I'd say I got my money's worth with what I had.

What about you? Any tips that you can share on how you ward off the summer heat?

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Straightened Priorities

I was descending the office building in time to go home this afternoon when this line from a movie crossed my mind:

Sa bawat isang pinipili, may isang libong bagay kang tinatanggihan."

Just this morning, in the middle of performing my duty at the office, I received a phonecall. It was from a leading publishing company inviting me for a scheduled interview for the position of web editor. Sadly, after years and months of waiting for that call, I had to decline the invitation.

It has always been my dream to land a career in publishing and fulfill my dream of becoming an editor. But then, after that phonecall, one thing was in my mind: you have to let go of one thing in exchange for something better; for if I chase two rabbits, I know I shall end losing both.

I knew after that, I had made a decision of letting go of something I wanted for so long.

Considering the pros and cons of it, I realized, yes, while the position sounded enticing, some things are uncertain. If I decided to accept the invitation, I'll have to go back to square one and if worse comes to worst, I will not get the post eventually. I had tried in different publishing industries but it will just be good at first -- but not at its last stages. Making me think that maybe, I'm not destined to be there after all.

Whereas I now have something feasible with me. I may only be on a project-based employment, but still, there is certainty in it. Besides, the pay might not be that hefty but it suffices my needs; aside from the fact that I have wonderful superiors (and a boss who looks like Superman star Christopher Reeve -- or maybe it's just me!). While I sometimes question what do law firms, lawyers and the law profession have to do with my life (being the journalism graduate that I am), I guess there is a purpose why I am in this career in the first place. It will probably just unfold in the right time.

In the end, there might just be right things that come on the wrong time. But in my case, I know I was given something better. I am happy that I did not let it go away.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Clarity Comes One at a Time

Photo: Google Images
You might think that the things that happen daily are signs. But if you'll link them all together, it will lead you to one, honest, beautiful answer.
Few nights, ago, I had this strange dream that I was an expectant mother. Of course, I woke up to find out that it was just a dream. While it left me with a weird feeling, I tried to know what that dream meant and found this:
To dream that you are pregnant symbolizes an aspect of your personal life that is growing and developing.

At one point, I realized how that dream could be related to my views about marriage. I have been cynical about it for the longest time; the thought of both having and not having a partner in a married union just sends out those feelings of fear and worry.

But little by little, I just felt those feelings change. Last Holy Wednesday, this thought entered my mind. While doing one of the files at work, the decision of finally settling down camped in my mind, and it had stayed there until now. I don't blame it on the reality that people around me are getting engaged, getting married, having kids or whatnot. It just happened. All of a sudden.

And one morning, while I was inside the church, I found myself trying to include in my prayers, that person God has planned for me. I used to do that but I ceased because of those fears and worries. I tried to ask for it again that morning, and surprisingly, the feeling of serenity and calm followed, and it has been there since. 

I want to believe that that feeling signifies the clarity I may not be verbally asking, but God knew I needed and always wanted.      

Love. It can really sometimes be both weird and surprising.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

What I Gave Myself for the First 30 Days

I've been away for quite a while from blogging. I have been fairly busy with a lot of things both at home and mostly at work. From my brother's unexpected surgery (which was a success) to working out things with our finance department for a matter that has long been overdue, which I finally got last Monday.

And speaking of work, today happens to be my first month in the law firm. And I am not at the office. Instead, I am staying at home as today is a Maundy Thursday. For hitting a great first month, I decided to get something for myself last week.

I have always been curious about QWERTY-type phones so I decided to get myself a Nokia X2-01. I did not really check the other types for two reasons: 1) the other phones are way too pricey, and 2) this really was my first choice. When I first saw this in a Nokia store in SM City Taytay, I already knew this is the type of phone that I would want and nothing else. But because this is my first time to own this kind of phone, I admit that I am having quite a hard time but reading the manuals and Nokia's online tech support helps. I was hoping that I would get a different color but the store where I got this only had the black one and blue (which is so boyish). I opted to get the black instead thinking that it still looks sophisticated (but my office mate K, calls it "posh" :-p)

On the other hand, there are a few things I had picked up on my first month at the firm. I'm both lucky and thankful that though my bosses are Australian lawyers (yup, I work for a law firm from the Land Down Under), they're diplomatic, forgiving and cool. Of course, I'd commit mistakes once in a while but because they teach me how to do things in an encouraging manner, I really try my best to make up for those glitches and do things better (if not best) on the second attempt. And they don't hesitate to give compliments for each and every job well done. 

Now, if you've got people like them for a boss, who would not be inspired to work hard?

My relatives, upon knowing that I work for a law firm, once suggested that I  go to law school and become a lawyer. And while I enjoy learning and at times studying the law-related jargons, I had to give them an adamant no for a response. I'm happy with what I am doing and I guess, that happiness suffices me for now.