Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Straightened Priorities

I was descending the office building in time to go home this afternoon when this line from a movie crossed my mind:

Sa bawat isang pinipili, may isang libong bagay kang tinatanggihan."

Just this morning, in the middle of performing my duty at the office, I received a phonecall. It was from a leading publishing company inviting me for a scheduled interview for the position of web editor. Sadly, after years and months of waiting for that call, I had to decline the invitation.

It has always been my dream to land a career in publishing and fulfill my dream of becoming an editor. But then, after that phonecall, one thing was in my mind: you have to let go of one thing in exchange for something better; for if I chase two rabbits, I know I shall end losing both.

I knew after that, I had made a decision of letting go of something I wanted for so long.

Considering the pros and cons of it, I realized, yes, while the position sounded enticing, some things are uncertain. If I decided to accept the invitation, I'll have to go back to square one and if worse comes to worst, I will not get the post eventually. I had tried in different publishing industries but it will just be good at first -- but not at its last stages. Making me think that maybe, I'm not destined to be there after all.

Whereas I now have something feasible with me. I may only be on a project-based employment, but still, there is certainty in it. Besides, the pay might not be that hefty but it suffices my needs; aside from the fact that I have wonderful superiors (and a boss who looks like Superman star Christopher Reeve -- or maybe it's just me!). While I sometimes question what do law firms, lawyers and the law profession have to do with my life (being the journalism graduate that I am), I guess there is a purpose why I am in this career in the first place. It will probably just unfold in the right time.

In the end, there might just be right things that come on the wrong time. But in my case, I know I was given something better. I am happy that I did not let it go away.

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