Monday, May 28, 2012

(Un) Lucky Strikes

This was how this day went:

It started awful. As I was in a hurry preparing for work, I slipped and fell inside my room and I hit my head on the closet;

Commuting was not that easy-peasy today. I found myself inside a jeepney rumaging for a vacant seat but after the driver realizes that his jeep has already met the headcount, I found myself alighting the vehicle;

Lastly, the lipstick that I've been using is now dead;it accidentally fell down the toilet and I did not bother to fish it.

Mishaps. To think that today is just Monday and here I am enduring the ache from my waist down because of that fall this morning.

Saturday, May 26, 2012

US Reality TV: A White Man's Game

Disclaimer: What you are about to read is what runs in the mind of the blog author. The use of sarcasm although weighed, is somewhat necessary.

If there’s one activity that I’ve got to be deprived of since being employed, one of them is watching television. Nowadays, I rarely watch TV even when I am at home – including reality TV.

I really do not devote time watching reality TV. Devote in the sense that I do not religiously watch them. If there really was one that got me hooked, it’s just the Philippine version of Junior Masterchef and the first seasons of Pinoy Big Brother.

I had to let the issue of this season’s American Idol finals die down before finally writing this post. Just like any other show, I really did not watch American Idol even before. But with what had happened before, my conviction to not include such program became (further) justified.

Contestants with Filipino lineage in competitions like AI is a once in a blue moon thing. Jessica Sanchez could be considered the one who a lot of viewers had been waiting for. Too bad, it appeared that nothing beats a guy with boyish looks carrying a guitar.

Call it bitterness but then, it seems that American Idol had really transformed into a “white man’s game”.  Funny but someone even let out a comment saying that the votes for this year’s Idol winner, Phillip Philips were consist of gushing, lovesick females who got wowed by the guy with a guitar. Looks could probably be deceiving because a lot of people get blinded with just good looks. If it became a battle between Jessica and Joshua Ledet, Jessica’s loss won’t probably be much of a big deal. Another reason for my disappointment was that of the judges. I just noticed that they no longer do much of what they are supposed to – except to scrutinize, comment, do an ovation and occasionally save. Yes, they called out to viewers to vote for the right contestant; however, it looked like their announcement was convincing enough to awaken hypnotized viewers.

Jessica might have lost her battle but then with her defeat, she had won the respect and admiration of a lot of Americans (and Filipinos, of course) and is the one who is being sought by the big names in the industry which made losing, in a way, sweet. And to the producers, I guess it’s about time that they change the show’s name to Guitar Idol instead.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

One Day We Will be Slow Dancing in This Song

When a man loves a woman,
He can't keep his mind on nothin' else
He'd trade the world
For a good thing he's found.

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Photographing a Piece of History

Regardless of the busy workweek that I had in the office, I was able to drop by the nearby chapel just across the street for some quiet moments. Incidentally, it was also on this week that the relics of Blessed John Paul II was brought to the chapel for an exhibit. The Holy Family Chapel will now be Blessed John Paul II Parish, thus some special pieces are exhibited to the public.

I was on my way home yesterday and upon leaving the office building, I decided to go back hoping only to take images of the relics inside the chapel when my attention was called by this particular vehicle. And despite the rain, I excitedly trooped off not minding if I'd get drenched.
This was the Pope Mobile that was used when Blessed (then Pope) John Paul II came to the country in January 1995 for the World Youth Day. At that time, I was only a mere 10-year-old fascinated fifth grader watching things happen on TV. And upon laying my eyes on this historical relic, as weird and funny as it seems, I went back to that fascinated 10 year old. This piece of history is store in my phone and in my Facebook album as well.
Aside from the pope mobile, the exhibit also featured some personal relics including the vestments, the pope's skull cap and some memorabilia during his beatification. A box was also placed in front of the altar to house donations as well as prayers and petitions that will be brought to Vatican on October 2012. Of course, it was among the important things that I did not miss.

Monday, May 7, 2012

Phenomenons and Pipe Dreams

The first rain on the first of May;
A Christmas carol on a summer played
George Michael sang about a love lost last Christmas
On a scorching March that was three months passed.

And who would have thought that on the first of May
The rain just comes on one summer day
A surprise from the heavens that no one were to expect
Like a sign that no one could ever neglect.

And while all these things come all too sudden
I too am busy on contemplating
About lawyers, laws, jargons and terms others could not recall
Why am I in here in the first place at all?

Whilst I couldn't decode the real answer
A part of me is still as splendid as ever
Then a friend would say, "I guess a lawyer could be the one who is destined
Of your respect, kindness and a heart that is full of love to keep.

Well, if only those phenomenons, just mean some signs
And this friend's prediction would hopefully become true likewise
When it camps to my head at any point of day
A happy smile just crosses my face and my heart anyway.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Summer Breeze and the Smell of Berries

Despite the awful summer heat, it's good that people still are that mindful about grooming and smelling good. Back in the office, the scent of different perfumes are enough to make me feel good. I used to have a seatmate who, I guess is that vain (in a positive manner, ha) because he never fails to turn heads because he smells good.

 Growing up, I was never a huge fan of perfumes. I only had such fondness when I finally went to college. Calgon Cool Sunshower was the first scent that won me over. Then there was Victoria's Secret Love Spell, Pure Seduction and now, I have Calgon Marshmallow. These days, while I have Calvin Klein Eternity Moment in my closet, it's either Calgon Marshmallow or Victoria's Secret Love Spell that I bring with me in my tote bag. I love the sweet scent of marshmallows in my skin (minus the ants) and the refreshing scent of peach and white jasmine from Love Spell. I use them alternately, of course.

Scents likewise are helpful in distracting me from this ungodly summer heat. And one of my favorite is that or strawberries. It's luscious smell instantly livens up my senses. And as luck would have it, I found these strawberry shower gels in Watson's days ago. And because yesterday was payday, I decided to grab one, luckily, it's in their promo so I got another bottle at no extra cost (yup, buy one take one deal!).

The scent is really good --even awesome. It feels as if I am slathering fresh, mashed berries on my skin; and maybe it indeed is; because the product itself has these little strawberry seeds in it.

I had tried to use it last night and need I say more? I got my money's worth and I need not travel up to Baguio to experience strawberries for I have it in the comfort of my own home. I can even smell it in my skin long after.