Monday, May 7, 2012

Phenomenons and Pipe Dreams

The first rain on the first of May;
A Christmas carol on a summer played
George Michael sang about a love lost last Christmas
On a scorching March that was three months passed.

And who would have thought that on the first of May
The rain just comes on one summer day
A surprise from the heavens that no one were to expect
Like a sign that no one could ever neglect.

And while all these things come all too sudden
I too am busy on contemplating
About lawyers, laws, jargons and terms others could not recall
Why am I in here in the first place at all?

Whilst I couldn't decode the real answer
A part of me is still as splendid as ever
Then a friend would say, "I guess a lawyer could be the one who is destined
Of your respect, kindness and a heart that is full of love to keep.

Well, if only those phenomenons, just mean some signs
And this friend's prediction would hopefully become true likewise
When it camps to my head at any point of day
A happy smile just crosses my face and my heart anyway.

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