Saturday, May 12, 2012

Photographing a Piece of History

Regardless of the busy workweek that I had in the office, I was able to drop by the nearby chapel just across the street for some quiet moments. Incidentally, it was also on this week that the relics of Blessed John Paul II was brought to the chapel for an exhibit. The Holy Family Chapel will now be Blessed John Paul II Parish, thus some special pieces are exhibited to the public.

I was on my way home yesterday and upon leaving the office building, I decided to go back hoping only to take images of the relics inside the chapel when my attention was called by this particular vehicle. And despite the rain, I excitedly trooped off not minding if I'd get drenched.
This was the Pope Mobile that was used when Blessed (then Pope) John Paul II came to the country in January 1995 for the World Youth Day. At that time, I was only a mere 10-year-old fascinated fifth grader watching things happen on TV. And upon laying my eyes on this historical relic, as weird and funny as it seems, I went back to that fascinated 10 year old. This piece of history is store in my phone and in my Facebook album as well.
Aside from the pope mobile, the exhibit also featured some personal relics including the vestments, the pope's skull cap and some memorabilia during his beatification. A box was also placed in front of the altar to house donations as well as prayers and petitions that will be brought to Vatican on October 2012. Of course, it was among the important things that I did not miss.

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