Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Summer Breeze and the Smell of Berries

Despite the awful summer heat, it's good that people still are that mindful about grooming and smelling good. Back in the office, the scent of different perfumes are enough to make me feel good. I used to have a seatmate who, I guess is that vain (in a positive manner, ha) because he never fails to turn heads because he smells good.

 Growing up, I was never a huge fan of perfumes. I only had such fondness when I finally went to college. Calgon Cool Sunshower was the first scent that won me over. Then there was Victoria's Secret Love Spell, Pure Seduction and now, I have Calgon Marshmallow. These days, while I have Calvin Klein Eternity Moment in my closet, it's either Calgon Marshmallow or Victoria's Secret Love Spell that I bring with me in my tote bag. I love the sweet scent of marshmallows in my skin (minus the ants) and the refreshing scent of peach and white jasmine from Love Spell. I use them alternately, of course.

Scents likewise are helpful in distracting me from this ungodly summer heat. And one of my favorite is that or strawberries. It's luscious smell instantly livens up my senses. And as luck would have it, I found these strawberry shower gels in Watson's days ago. And because yesterday was payday, I decided to grab one, luckily, it's in their promo so I got another bottle at no extra cost (yup, buy one take one deal!).

The scent is really good --even awesome. It feels as if I am slathering fresh, mashed berries on my skin; and maybe it indeed is; because the product itself has these little strawberry seeds in it.

I had tried to use it last night and need I say more? I got my money's worth and I need not travel up to Baguio to experience strawberries for I have it in the comfort of my own home. I can even smell it in my skin long after.

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