Saturday, May 26, 2012

US Reality TV: A White Man's Game

Disclaimer: What you are about to read is what runs in the mind of the blog author. The use of sarcasm although weighed, is somewhat necessary.

If there’s one activity that I’ve got to be deprived of since being employed, one of them is watching television. Nowadays, I rarely watch TV even when I am at home – including reality TV.

I really do not devote time watching reality TV. Devote in the sense that I do not religiously watch them. If there really was one that got me hooked, it’s just the Philippine version of Junior Masterchef and the first seasons of Pinoy Big Brother.

I had to let the issue of this season’s American Idol finals die down before finally writing this post. Just like any other show, I really did not watch American Idol even before. But with what had happened before, my conviction to not include such program became (further) justified.

Contestants with Filipino lineage in competitions like AI is a once in a blue moon thing. Jessica Sanchez could be considered the one who a lot of viewers had been waiting for. Too bad, it appeared that nothing beats a guy with boyish looks carrying a guitar.

Call it bitterness but then, it seems that American Idol had really transformed into a “white man’s game”.  Funny but someone even let out a comment saying that the votes for this year’s Idol winner, Phillip Philips were consist of gushing, lovesick females who got wowed by the guy with a guitar. Looks could probably be deceiving because a lot of people get blinded with just good looks. If it became a battle between Jessica and Joshua Ledet, Jessica’s loss won’t probably be much of a big deal. Another reason for my disappointment was that of the judges. I just noticed that they no longer do much of what they are supposed to – except to scrutinize, comment, do an ovation and occasionally save. Yes, they called out to viewers to vote for the right contestant; however, it looked like their announcement was convincing enough to awaken hypnotized viewers.

Jessica might have lost her battle but then with her defeat, she had won the respect and admiration of a lot of Americans (and Filipinos, of course) and is the one who is being sought by the big names in the industry which made losing, in a way, sweet. And to the producers, I guess it’s about time that they change the show’s name to Guitar Idol instead.

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