Sunday, July 29, 2012

The Shirt Said It All

And this is enough to paint a smile on my face :-)

Hope everyone's having a pretty awesome Sunday.

Thursday, July 26, 2012


While I am aware that I don't get to blog often lately, it makes me wonder because I have consistently been noticing this sign in most of my blog entries.

I do not intend to be famous whatsoever. The stuff I write are things mostly under the sun; most of them are my thoughts on so many things. So I'm not that surprised if people wouldn't pay much attention or if my blog does not get many "hits" or "visitors". I know there are people who think some blogs only contain shallow silliness and for sure my blog could be perceived as that. So seeing that widget tot up like The Count is enough to put a split-second smile on my face -- yes. even if it's just one.

And just this week, I found out the creature behind that thumbs-up. Yes. That reader is no longer just a "person" for that being has a name now. I realized I still get to use those skills I learned from my Journalism electives because I have my ways of knowing things.

No, I didn't use Christian Grey's technique of tracking down someone's BlackBerry nor hiring a detective to solve the puzzle.

Saturday, July 21, 2012

A Broken Agreement

A few years ago, I remember we were listening to this together.
It was also then when you asked me 
If we can have this song
Played on our
Wedding day.

I knew I smiled at the idea
And I gave you that

Today, this song came across my playlist.
You're not here with me
Yet, I am still 
to it.

Your question ran into my head again.Today, there is no wedding day;
.To think nor be excited about. For you're listening 
to a different tune with another person.
And she is not 

But then, here I am listening to this song
And for some reason there were tears
That I was unable to hold back
And that fleeting, sad thought
That probably I am destined
To listen to this song
And to be forever 

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Three Years, Six Months and Shouty Capitals

I wish I could tell the barista that this cake meant
more than just dessert.
If I were to describe my midweek, this is the first time I got all rushed up. I received this email from one of the bosses to my surprise in shouty capitals asking for help. While it actually alarmed me, I just played it cool remembering the exchange of emails I got to read in the Fifty Shades trilogy. I even got to tell my boss it reminded me of the book I was reading.

Lunchtime came and I found myself going to Starbucks for dessert. Today's the 18th of the month -- three years and six months since that night in 2009 when I made one giant yet difficult decision. As I walk back to the office, it started to sink in. For the longest time, I was free. I've been celebrating that freedom every time the 18th comes. But lately it has been coming to a point that I tend to forget that.

The past few weeks before this I've been enduring this unexplained dysphoria. Probably, it's because lately, I realize this "longing for something" and being "alone" is no longer funny at all. I have noticed questioning at a certain point of the day (or night). I would find myself asking if this situation that I am in will ever come to an end; and if so, the other question is when. Some nights ago, I remember asking myself (and my heart, for that matter) if it can still bear the situation it is going through for two more years. At that point, tears just welled up. I knew it meant the answer is not anymore. But then there are things that are out of my control. And this is among them

Going back to the workplace, with the warm breeze kissing my face, I came to a resolve:

This will be the last time I'll be looking up to the 18th. It will only be an ordinary day on my calendar.

Monday, July 16, 2012

Rose Colored Reminder

Today, for the second time, I ordered tall iced tea to go with my sandwich for my Monday fix. While I hoped for the usual brown, brewed tea, this was what was served for me for the second time.

I really don't know yet what this drink is really composed of as I keep on forgetting to ask the barista. It tastes quite sour and fruity, and sometimes, I describe it weird.

Funny but just this afternoon as I was relishing the remaining hours of my workday, I found myself staring at this and eventually taking this picture. Actually, it reminded me of this type of champagne -- Bollinger!

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Sweet Farewell

It kind of made me feel disappointed knowing that ice cream days are about to come to an end soon. But I still have that fond memory.

Thank you for being a discreet witness on that January night --  that was made up of bowls of your sweet, freezing concoctions almost made a fairytale to come true. For being the taciturn spectator to how we talked and laughed.

And for being the rubbernecker to how I wished he was the one I was and had been long praying and waiting for.

Friday, July 13, 2012

Painting Laughter in the Stars

For almost two years, I kept passing by your star every morning. But these past two days has been different. And with your passing, things will somewhat be different.

A lot of us do know and feel that way. Words of thanks seem to be not enough for the inspiration and laughter that you have given for years to the young, old and the young at heart.

Nevertheless, thank you -- for teaching people how to look at the brighter (and funnier) side of life, and for inculcating to many that laughter is still (and will always be) the best panacea to life's gloomy situations. 

Your mission here on  Earth of providing happiness to people may have ceased. But then it's the angels' turn to experience the same hearty laughter you've shared with us. Heaven is indeed a happier place because they now have you around.

Sunday, July 8, 2012

I'm Done With The Mission

And succeeded at it!

I had to give blogging an abrupt break for some time because I went on a mission. Well, it was actually more of a challenge because it was something that I never tried doing before.

I was in the company of books again. But this time, it's a trilogy. Fifty Shades trilogy that is.

1,624 pages read in three weeks!

I am not really a fan of marathon reading. I had never read a trilogy much more a a book series (not even Twilight or Lord of the Rings) and so, giving in to my curiosity will be a challenge -- and by that I mean HUGE one given that my schedule at work has been tight lately and I'm all too lazy when I get home. But when I first heard about the trilogy's first installment,
Fifty Shades of Grey discussed over a radio station, it quite piqued my interest; which became more intensified when I read the blurb in a bookstore website. I knew I had to get a copy to see things for myself. And while I admittedly got kid of "disturbed" with the amount graphic lovemaking scenes in the book (that quoting RX 93.1 DJ Delamar said, "gets steamier in every chapter"), I knew I had to finish what I had started.

And it did not disappoint me that I continued spending some hard-earned amount and reading the next two books. While it is indeed erotic literature, it did not contain that single stuff per se. The book also lets you in for some ride and adrenaline rush as it has the aspects of romance, action, suspense,some  comedy and likewise, the element of drama. E L James do know how to leave her readers wanting for more as you won't want to put the book down and instead turn it one page after the other. Of course, I will not divulge how Anastasia Steele and Christian Grey's story ended. You'll have to read the book to find out -- but for me, I would say that I am satisfied with the end.

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

A Shade of the Past

"I knew I almost had my own Christian Grey in him but I had to let him go. Yes, he might not be as dashing as how that protagonist in the story is, but in a way, I knew he would be able to give me the world in a way that I wanted. (If I only got to give him the chance)."
This was my response to Katrina Atadero during our conversation last night about the book. And yes, this same thought amongst others had been giving me tearful nights. I will not be ashamed to admit that.

Monday, July 2, 2012

Chapter 4: Wedding Vows

"I give you my solemn vow to be your faithful partner in sickness and in health, to stand by your side in good times and in bad, to share your joy as well as your sorrow. I promise to love you unconditionally, to support you in your goals and dreams, to honor and respect you, to laugh with you and cry with you, to share my hopes and dreams with you, and bring you solace in times of need."  

"I solemnly vow that I will safeguard and hold dear and deep in my heart our union and you. I promise to love you faithfully, forsaking all others, through the good times and the bad, in sickness and in health, regardless of where life takes us. I will protect you, trust you and respect you. I will share your joys and sorrows and comfort you in times of need. I promise to cherish you and uphold your hopes and dreams and keep you safe at my side. All that is mine is now yours. I give you my hand, my heart, and my love from this moment on for as long as we both shall live."