Thursday, July 26, 2012


While I am aware that I don't get to blog often lately, it makes me wonder because I have consistently been noticing this sign in most of my blog entries.

I do not intend to be famous whatsoever. The stuff I write are things mostly under the sun; most of them are my thoughts on so many things. So I'm not that surprised if people wouldn't pay much attention or if my blog does not get many "hits" or "visitors". I know there are people who think some blogs only contain shallow silliness and for sure my blog could be perceived as that. So seeing that widget tot up like The Count is enough to put a split-second smile on my face -- yes. even if it's just one.

And just this week, I found out the creature behind that thumbs-up. Yes. That reader is no longer just a "person" for that being has a name now. I realized I still get to use those skills I learned from my Journalism electives because I have my ways of knowing things.

No, I didn't use Christian Grey's technique of tracking down someone's BlackBerry nor hiring a detective to solve the puzzle.

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